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Fitting Room:

It has been estimated that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. This page will help you to find your correct size. Your first step in finding the right size bra is to be professionally measured. If you are unable to be measured by a trained bra specialist you can do it yourself. Below is a formula to measure and then calculate your bra size. This formula will work for the majority of women, however since we are all shaped uniquely, trying on a variety of differing styles, will help you to get the best fit for your personal needs.

 How to measure:







Measure around the ribcage underneath your breasts.

Measure around the fullest part of the bust wearing a good fitting bra (or at least your best fitting bra since you are probably here because you need a better fitting bra).

Measure around under your arms but over the top of the breasts just where the breast tissue begins but not including any of it.



To figure your Band Size: Average #1 & #3 (add them together and divide by 2).

To figure your Cup Size: Your cup size is determined by the difference between your band size and the fullest measurement around your bust, so now simply subtract the band size you just figured from the fullest bust measurement. If you are between sizes go to the smaller cup size. The cup size is as follows: A=1", B=2", C=3", D=4", E=5", F=6", G=7", H=8", I=9", J=10"




If you measure #1=37", #2=44" & #3=39".
Average #1 & #3 (37+39) and divide by 2 = 38".
Subtract that from #2 (44-38=6).
One inch per cup size (6=F cup). 38 F

Need help? Feel free to “Contact Us” for help with fitting.